Summer Promise by Robin Jones Gunn is Book 1 in The Christy Miller Series. In this novel of 161 pages Christy spends a summer in Southern California with her wealthy aunt and uncle who believe that a person needs to be true to one self and that you control your own destiny. As Christy takes the advice of her aunt and uncle she embarks on a journey that leads her through many emotions. She learns who her friends really are and in the end makes friendships that will last a lifetime. Christy must face decisions this summer that will ultimately change her life. She and her friends must deal with issues that include drugs, death, and sacrifice. Christy learns over the course of the summer that in order to be true to herself she must surrender her heart to Jesus. With the help of her new friends, Todd and Tracy, Christy will make a decision that will change her life forever.

The Christy Miller Series is a promising 12-volume set that takes a young girl on a journey through the teenage years. Christy must discover who she is in Christ and learn what God has planned for her life. I believe that this series encourages young girls to examine their hearts and learn from what Christy learns. The books allow parents to bring up conversations with their teens about dating and relationships. In the end, this series helped me discover more about my relationship with God. I also believe these books were an aid in guiding my decisions about relationships with friends and guys.

This book is for teenage girls 13-17. Christy is 14 in Book 1 and is 17 at the end of the series.

Kristina O’Brien is a mother of twin girls, an avid reader, and credentialed teacher. She has taught both middle school and high school history. She is currently a stay-at-home mom and enjoys raising her two girls.