I respect the privacy of visitors to my blog and will do my best to protect it. You have probably noticed that when you or any of us interact with social media such as commenting on a post, “liking” a post or a blog or deciding to follow a blog, we leave footprints, e.g. email addresses. (I hope this doesn’t scare you. It does kind of rattle me at times.) Please know that I do not share your information with anyone and would not without your permission.

If you are a children’s book author, my having your email address or the URL of your website, can be useful. It enables me to find out more about your book and to notify you if we decide to recommend it. If you are a blogger, particularly if you are blogging about books, I often use your URL to see what you are talking about. If you wish me to remove your stored info, please contact me and I will do so. WordPress also collects non-personal information to provide me with statistical data.

Other sites: This site takes advantage of the resources of other websites. These sites use many of the contemporary means of online date management, collection and tracking. Some share or process  personal and non-personal data. If you are concerned about any of the collections below, please see their privacy policy.

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This page was last updated May, 2018.