Nancy Ellen Hird is a mom, a writer, and a credentialed teacher. (She taught seventh grade and preschool.) Two of her published works for children are Marty’s Monster and Jessica Jacobs Did What? Marty’s Monster, once a stand alone easy reader, can now be found in the collection Sports Stories. Jessica Jacobs Did What? is one of three stories in Silly Stories. For several years Mrs. Hird was a freelance reviewer of children’s and teen’s literature found on the Focus on the Family website.

Her latest book is the mystery novel We All Get a Clue   It is the second book in the series –from my Edinburgh Files. The series begins with  I Get a Clue and Libby Carlsen’s arrival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mrs. Hird is also a contributor to 21 Days of Love and 21 Days of Joy. You can learn more about her and her books at 


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Donna Fujimoto’s children love to read. She is a graduate of Alliance Theological Seminary. Her collection of short stories, 9 Slightly Strange Stories with an Uplifting Edge  is available as an e-book at Amazon.

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Carol Green, a graduate of Northwestern, is the mother of three adult children. Her five grandchildren affectionately call her “Grams cracker.” She is the published author of many poems for both adults and children; three coloring books: God Gave Me Five, ABC Fun Book, and Color God’s World Bright; and the picture book: My Mom Loves Me. Her newest picture book is Guess Who’s Coming?

Emily Hall says, “I am the stay-at-home mom of two children, ages 11 and 15.  I have a degree in psychology with an emphasis in child development and have held many roles through the years including working at a group home for abused children, teaching pre-school and being a nanny. Currently I volunteer in a church-run outreach program to urban city children helping them to improve their reading skills. Needless to say, I have gratefully read many children’s books through the years!”


Jeanette Hanscome is the author of three books for teens: Good-Bye to All That (Brio Girls #5), Dragonfly on My Shoulder (Brio Girls #9), and Want More? Joy, (Brio Devotional #3). She is the co-author of Running with Roselle with Michael Hingson, the blind survivor of 9/11. This non-fiction book is for kids ages 8 and up. Suddenly Single Mom is her most recent book. She has also published over 300 articles and stories. In addition to writing, she offers freelancing editing and critiquing to beginning writers, and teaches workshops on the craft. Jeanette is the mom of  two sons.


Kimberly Lavoie is the mother of three wonderful children, a seven-year-old daughter with special needs (ASD) and twin three-year-olds. She loves to read and write and has always dreamed of raising children with the same love. She blogs about the challenges and joys of special needs parenting with a Christian worldview at The Simple Life:

David Ledbetter: Hey there! I’m David. I’m 20 years old but I feel a lot older on the inside because I was raised in a wonderful home, conversing with others older than myself. My parents and three siblings have always supported my interests. I film weddings for my day job, but I love the occasional non-fiction. As a Christian, I enjoy reading books about observations on God – however I can never deny myself a good thriller. English was by far my favorite class in school, and it seems as if three years later the love of essays hasn’t stopped.


Patsy Ledbetter says she has many job titles, but her favorite is being mom to her five children. Her two daughters, two sons and one son-in-law are her joy. A teacher with forty years experience Patsy has taught children of all ages and also special needs children and adults. She writes occasionally for a local newspaper and performs in church theater productions on a regular basis. Her husband is the church choir and orchestra director. They have been married for 32 years. She says, “It is my desire to bring honor and glory to my Lord Jesus in every area where He has allowed me to minister.”


Bruce McGregor helped his wife homeschool their two children from K through 12 by reading many books with them. It was his delight. He now co-leads an Old Testament adult Bible study and enjoys studying that and Ancient History.


Kristina O’Brien is a mom, an avid reader and a credentialed teacher. She has taught both middle school and high school history.


J. D.  Rempel is a graduate of Simpson College. She is endeavoring to pen a YA science-fiction novel and an adult fantasy series. Currently, she is seeking a publisher for her middle grade fiction novel. J. D. loves to read, work with her husband in youth ministry and play peekaboo with her turtle, Applesauce. You can learn more about her at


Christine Tanzer lives in a high rise condo in California. There are no big black walnut trees to climb onto from her balcony, but her walls are covered with bookshelves. She’s planning her next road trip and is pondering which radio theatre drama to listen to next…


Pamela Walls is the author of the historical adventure series for girls,Abby and the South Seas Adventures.”  Abby–Lost at Sea (South Seas Adventures #1)  is the first novel in that series. Pamela has also written over 400 articles, which have appeared in such publications as “Woman’s World,” “Today’s Christian Woman,” “Guideposts,” “Angels on Earth,” and the “San Jose Mercury News.” Originally trained as a science writer, she began writing for God after finding Christ at the age of 28. She is the mother of two grown daughters.