If you go to the grocery store here in California, you might be tempted to get caught up in hysteria. Even people I know who are relatively unflappable, have been flapping.

While I think we do need to take precautions, I don’t think–let me say that again–I don’t think we should surrender to fear. (Trust me on this one; I’ve done a lot of surrendering to fears in my life and I’ve watched other people surrendering to fear. It is not a good place to be.) We need to submit to God and resist the devil. We need to do it for ourselves and we can help the kids do it.

A speaker, a pastor, on TV told a story of a mother and a daughter who had experienced a devastating loss. To help her daughter, the mother suggested that she create a blessings jar.

At night the girl was to write on a piece paper something good that had happened to her that day. At the end of the month, they would empty the jar and read out loud all of the good things that had happened.

I think this keeping track helps us to watch for God, to realize that He is active in our lives and that we are completely and truly loved.

A person doesn’t have to use a jar the speaker said. A notebook and a pen will work. Though I think kids might like the jar better, especially if it is clear glass and the paper strips are of different colors.

And remember you don’t have to be a kid to do this. Delight yourself in the Lord and His goodness.