The Baby Wren and the Great Gift was written by Sally Lloyd- Jones and illustrated by Jen Corace. It was published by Zonderkidz in 2016.

Without mentioning God or the Bible, Jones introduces the reader to the wonders of God’s world and how a tiny wren struggles with the question of what she can do that is wonderful. As a backdrop, the monarch milkweed and gurgling river are threaded throughout the story, continuing the theme of God’s amazing world. However, the biggest wonder is the magnificent canyon where the little wren lives. This adds to the contrast of the smallness of the baby wren.

The baby wren peers out from a crevice in the rocks of the canyon and sees many wondrous things, from the blue sky above to two eagles flying on the wind. During a terrifying thunderstorm, she wants to be like the eagles.

Finally, the young wren discovers what she can do that is wonderful. At sunset, she bursts into song that travels throughout the canyon walls and reaches to the sky. This enables the reader to see the beauty that is all around, as well as appreciate the wren’s song.

Two simple words, “Thank You,” expand across the last page and are a great point for ending this story, emphasizing that small isn’t necessarily small.

Jen Corace’s vivid and striking watercolors splash across each page in a stylized manner and enhance the book’s charmingly poetic text.

This beautiful book will delight children, ages four to eight, but adults much older than eight will also find it a delight and a blessing.

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Carol Green, a graduate of Northwestern, is a widow and the mother of three adult children. Her five grandchildren affectionately call her “Grams cracker.” She is the published author of many poems for both adults and children; three coloring books: God Gave Me Five, ABC Fun Book, and Color God’s World Bright; and the picture book: My Mom Loves Me.