Read Aloud Bible Stories: Volume One written by Ella K. Lindvall and illustrated by H. Kent Puckett was published by Moody Publishers (1982). There are many books of retold Bible stories for children, but this one takes first prize. Its text is fast-paced and kid-friendly. Through repetition it emphasizes the emotions of the people involved. Young children will be swept up in the story as if they were actually there.

The stories in this first volume are: “The Man Who Was Too Little,” “The Man Who Couldn’t See,” “The Boys and Girls and Jesus,” “The Wind That Obeyed” and “The Man Who Said Thank You.”

At the end of each story is the question, “What did you learn?” The answer given further relates the story to the child and what he or she needs to understand about himself and God. For example in “The Man Who Couldn’t See,” the answer is Jesus took care of His friend and He will take care of you.

The colorful, yet simple illustrations do more than enhance the text. They capture the excitement and adventure of each story. For example, the fear on each disciple’s face during the storm makes the story seem even more real. The children can almost hear Jesus command the wind and the waves to be still.

This book has been recognized with two awards: a Gold Medallion Book Award and a C. S. Lewis Medal Honor Book.

There are four other volumes which are just as delightful and true to God’s Word.

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