What Is Thanksgiving? by Michelle Medlock Adams, illustrated by Amy Wummer and published by Candy Cane Press (2009) is a charmer. This board book for preschoolers takes a lively look at the holiday with all its excitement and pleasures. It begins with the more obvious experiences of delicious food, parades, football and family, but moves beyond to the most important part of the day–giving thanks to God.

What Is Thanksgiving? is written in rhyme that, for the most part, works. The phrases often seem to bubble and bounce, capturing the joy of the holiday. The illustrations are colorful, full of activity and kid-friendly. The scenes depicted are warm and at times gently humorous.

Nancy Ellen Hird is a mom, a writer and a credentialed teacher. (She taught seventh grade and preschool.) Two of her published works for children are Marty’s Monster and Jessica Jacobs Did What?  Her latest work is I Get a Clue, a mystery novel for girls 10-13. For several years she was a freelance reviewer of children’s and teen’s literature for the Focus on the Family website.