Mimosa: A True Story was written by Amy Carmichael and published by Christian Literature Crusade. Carmichael, a young Irish woman, went to India as a missionary in 1895. She stayed over fifty years and ministered mainly to women and children, founding a remarkable community called Dohnavur.

It was at Dohnavur where Amy first saw Mimosa, a young Indian girl dressed in bright colors and flashing jewelry. For one afternoon Mimosa visited the community with her father. She begged her father to let her stay and learn more of what these people believed, but he said it would cause their family shame. She left with him, trying to smile through her tears. Amy Carmichael did not see Mimosa again for twenty-two years.

This is the story of how Mimosa took what truth that she heard that day, living it with only God’s Spirit for a guide. Her life was marked with trials: punishment from her parents, persecution from neighbors, an arranged marriage to a difficult husband, sickness, poverty, the loss of a child. But through it all, prayers and hope in a loving God sustained her.

After Amy is reunited with Mimosa we hear the end of her story in epilogues. Her life inspired many others to persevere through their hardships.For those experiencing difficulty or discouragement, this book offers an uplifting perspective. Its primary message seems to be “Love will find a way.”

First written in 1924, the writing style of this book may pose problems to some readers. Prayers are expressed in King James English. Some vocabulary words, like “heathen” and “succor,” are out of style now. The formatting of the opening chapters includes distracting quotes from the reading sprinkled throughout the pages.

I am recommending this book for high school students and college age/working people. The difficulties of Mimosa’s life might be too distressing for younger children.

I read Mimosa’s story almost as a devotional—a chapter at a time, pausing to reflect. I entered into her sense of peace. It reminded me to live in hope.

A paperback of 147 pages, Mimosa: A True Story is available from Amazon.com, Barnes &Noble, and Christianbook.com.

Donna Fujimoto is a graduate of Alliance Theological Seminary. She has published both devotionals for adults and short stories for teens. Her children love to read.

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