First published in the 19th century, King Solomon’s Mines is a classic, and thrilling, adventure story. The novel which will appeal to a young adult audience was written by H. Rider Haggard. It is basically the story of three men who set out to find the world’s most fabulous treasure. As they search for lost diamonds and lost men, they cross burning deserts and freezing mountains; encounter hostile tribes; and, overcome old superstitions, warring armies and enemies.

Allan Quartermain, who once lived in England with his only son, Harry, now lives in Africa. He meets Sir Henry Curtis and Captain John Good on a ship that sailing along the coast of South Africa. After an introductory conversation, Sir Henry asks Allan if he was in Bamangwato a few years back and came in contact with his estranged brother, George Neville. Allan says that he had heard George and another man had set out to find King Solomon’s mines, but they never succeeded.

Henry asks Allan if he will lead an expedition to find the mines. Allan has an old map that was given to him by someone else who also attempted to find the mines, Jose Silvestre. Jose died of hunger in the cave near the top of the southern peak of the mountains called the White Twins in the year 1590.

Henry and John are intrigued and convince Allan, with the use of the old map, to lead them to the mines. The story continues, full of mystery and close encounters with danger.

In the end, they reach the diamond mines. George Neville is found and the brothers are happily united. The diamonds are shared equally. The men are grateful to have returned alive and in good spirits, but the adventure hasn’t been without a cost. This is a fascinating read that is hard to put down. The ending fits perfectly together and there is a wonderful moral–you shouldn’t wish for what you don’t have, because you may loose what you care about most.

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