In Sheltie the Shetland Pony by Peter Clover (Aladdin Paperbacks, 2000) Emma’s dad has a job in the countryside. Emma has to leave her home and friends in town, and she doesn’t like it. They arrive at their new house after dark. Waking in a strange place, she doesn’t feel much better—until she looks out the window and sees a fat cheerful-looking little Shetland pony tossing his head in the back yard!

Emma gets lessons in riding and caring for her pony. Soon they are the best of friends. But Sheltie is mischievous and keeps finding ways to escape the fence. A grumpy neighbor man down the road accuses Sheltie of stealing his prize cabbages. Emma wants to clear her pony’s name and solve the mystery of the missing cabbages, but it’s Sheltie who shows the whole village the answer.

Slightly more than 90 pages in length, this chapter book is written and charmingly illustrated by the author, Peter Clover. Since he is from England, it contains words like “cockerel” instead of rooster, “biscuits” rather than cookies, and “Mum” for Mom. Some children might find this intriguing, while others might need to have the difference explained. It is written for elementary children, ages six to nine. The style is lighthearted and descriptive.

Though no longer in print, you can find Sheltie the Shetland Pony at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Powell’s Books online. The book generally sells for less than $2. There are fifteen more titles in this series. I haven’t read them, but I’m going to look for them at my local used bookstore.

Donna Fujimoto is a graduate of Alliance Theological Seminary. She has published both devotionals for adults and short stories for teens. Her children love to read.

Mrs. Fujimoto has a collection of short stories, 9 Slightly Strange Stories with an Uplifting Edge, available as an e-reader at Amazon. Find our review under “N” in the alphabetical listing: Titles We’ve Reviewed.