In our search for books to recommend for older teens, we have come across a number of well-written books in the Christian adult market. We liked these books, but we had qualms about suggesting some of them for high-schoolers. The books had scenes or themes that we felt were inappropriate for that age group. We decided that we needed to create another category for our blog. So, we are excited to announce that Books 4 Christian Kids will now have reviews for the college-age student.

Since we know that those entering college or taking a full-time job find themselves in a new environment struggling with issues they haven’t dealt with before, we will be recommending stories which contain lessons with a biblical perspective. We will be suggesting books which are relatable to them, and ones with good examples of Christian character. Again we want to say most of the books which we will be reviewing for the college student/working young adult are adult. Thus, in keeping with our standards at Books 4 Christian Kids, we believe these books may be inadvisable for our YA readers.

Our first review in this category is PEARL IN THE SAND by Tessa Afshar.