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Boys do read. I’ve put together a list of titles we’ve recommended to help you know of some good ones to consider. Girls might like these books as well. We chose to suggest these books for boys because they have male protagonists. (Some books appear on two lists. We thought they were appropriate for both age groups.)

Middle Grade Books

The Avion My Uncle Flew
Babe the Gallant Pig
The Children’s Book of America
The City Bear’s Adventures
Danger on Panther Peak
Dragon and Thief
Escape from Warsaw
The Forgotten Door
Full Metal Trench Coat
Hero Tales
Journey Under the Sea
Jungle Doctor Meets a Lion
Night of the Cossack
Spam Alert
Tim Tebow: A Promise Kept
Two Mighty Rivers: Son Of Pocahontas

Young Adult Books

Ben Hur
The Bronze Bow
The City of Tranquil Light
Escape from Warsaw
Escape to Witch Mountain
God’s Smuggler
Journey Under the Sea
Les Miserables
Night Flight
Night of the Cossack
9 Slightly Strange Stories with an Uplifting Edge
Robinson Crusoe
Tim Tebow: A Promise Kept
Thunder Dog