Long warm days, older siblings to play with, family outings, changes in routines—summer can be such fun. But it can also be wearing on little ones. They need more down time than older children. However, your insisting that your little one take a nap and his/her resistance to that idea might just bring the crankies out in you. A story break could be the perfect activity. (Older kids may want to listen to the story too. I love that scene in The Blind Side where the mom is reading to the two boys and the teenage daughter is sitting in the hallway, just past the door, and listening.)

Books 4 Christian Kids has reviewed a number of picture books that you might consider. Check out the drop down category menu on the left side of the blog. I also asked our Carol Green to suggest some titles from those that she has reviewed. Here is her list. If you click on the title, it will take you to the review.

Chrissie’s Shell

Grandpa for Sale

I Love You No Matter What

A Special Fish for Jonah

There Is a Bird on Your Head!