We are expecting the arrival of a new “baby” at our house. I put baby in quotes because it is not a child, it is a book. I Get a Clue, my mystery novel for girls, ages 10 to 13, is nearing publication. It has has been a long, long process and the learning curve has been steep, Mt. Everest steep.

You can find out more about the book at http://www.desertfires.press. There’s a “coming soon” page that I think is pretty cool. The fotos were taken in Edinburgh, Scotland,  where the novel is set.

I got the idea for novel on my first visit there. My husband and I stayed in a room on the top floor of a B&B in the Bruntsfield area. As I looked at the cozy room with its dormer window and then looked out the window at the rooftops, I kept thinking how much a young girl, particularly a California girl, would love staying in that room. Libby Carlsen, eleven-going-on-twelve, began to take form in my imagination.

Now I know not only Libby, but her sister, her brother, her grandmother, her aunt and her new friends. I also know who is trying to sabotage the local bakery. (I worked in bakery one summer to pay for my college expenses so setting part of the novel in a bakery was well, fitting for me.) Writing this novel has been an adventure. I learned a bit about Edinburgh, Scotland, and about making new friends. I have given drafts of the novel to pre-teens, and they have said they enjoyed it. I hope your pre-teen will too.