Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I want to say thank you to the writers who try to listen to God and write stories that will help children. Writing can be a joyful experience, but it’s also often a  struggle. Doubts as to whether we have anything to say and doubts as to whether we can say it well become a little, a lot, intense.  Sometimes they become more real and more visible than the computer screen in front of our faces. We run away to other things–anything. Suddenly, clean floors need washing; a cooking show needs watching, and the mail needs sorting. God allows us, but then after a bit He takes our hands and leads us back to the keyboard. He breathes His courage into us and still rattled–we are only flesh and blood–we tell the stories that we hope will encourage a child or a teen.  So thank you to the writers!

Thank you also to the adults who make the time–and it does take time–to look into books and consider whether a particular one will help or hurt a young person. You grasp that reading is more than just a pastime or a brain exercise. You understand that what children and teens read does affect them and you care.  You know that what they read is food for their souls and you want them to “eat” the stuff that will help them grow up healthy and strong. I’m thanking you because I’m not sure that many people are thanking you or even noticing what you are doing or that is very important. They should, but they’re not. So thank you.

And thank you, God, for loving us and taking care us.