With Halloween just around the corner and little girls wondering if they should dress up as princesses, you might like to take a look at the picture book, Gigi, God’s Little Princess. This little gem was written by Sheila Walsh, illustrated by Meredith Johnson and published by Tommy Nelson, 2005.

Before you think, not another princess story, you’ll be pleased to discover how Walsh presents her princess plot with a godly twist that isn’t tacked on or forced. Also the illustrator’s abundant use of pink will make every little would-be princess smile.

Gigi knows she is a princess because every night, as her father kisses her good night, he calls her his little princess. But she wonders where her treasure is? And where is her kingdom? And how can she be a princess if she has freckles and unruly hair?

She practices addressing her subjects by ruling over her cat, Lord Fluffy. When her friend wonders why she too is not a princess,  Gigi is confused. But then Gigi’s Mom tells her that they are both princesses. That night Gigi’s father adds that she is a daughter of a very great king, Jesus, who rules everything. Closing her eyes, Gigi can hardly wait to share this good news about Jesus with her friend.

The warm manner in which this story is told will delight every little girl as well as every father reading it to his daughter. Walsh uses the desire of little girls wanting to be a princess to tell God’s greater story of King Jesus while showing it doesn’t matter about unruly hair or freckles. Being a princess doesn’t just happen on Halloween with dressing up. With Jesus as our King, we are His princesses for a lifetime.

Carol Green, a graduate of Northwestern, is married and the mother of three adult children. Her five grandchildren affectionately call her “Grams cracker.” She is the published author of many poems for both adults and children; three coloring books: God Gave Me Five, ABC Fun Book, and Color God’s World Bright; and the picture book: My Mom Loves Me.