School is out in some places and summer is in full swing. In other places in the country it is only a blink away. I love summer and one of the best parts when I was a kid was reading books for fun. What I didn’t know then was the fun reading during the summer would build my vocab and comprehension and help me all around do better in school in the fall. But it wouldn’t have mattered, I would have read anyway. I loved all the places that books would take me. I loved all the adventures I went on and all the fun, fascinating and sometimes scary characters that I met. (I read A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens one summer. Madame Defarge was pretty scary.)

If you click on Navigating This Blog, it will help you find books we recommend for kids. We believe these books will not only help kids do better in school, we think these books  may help them do better in life. (But don’t tell them that. Let them think they are reading them just for fun.)  Enjoy!!!!