Books 4 Christian Kids is two-years old and I want to celebrate. I want to give away some gifts. If you would like a copy of Jessica Jacobs Did What?, one of my I-can-read’s, email me by May 8 at and tell me your snail mail address. I will send a copy to each of the first ten people who ask. Oh, and if you want the book autographed to someone special, please say so.

Jessica Jacobs Did What? is about asking for help. It encourages children to ask for help even if they think the person is going to be unhappy with the request. That’s it’s serious side. But it’s also funny. Jessica misplaces her head and believes she can do something so that no one will notice that it’s not there.

I wrote the book when I heard about a difficulty one of my daughter’s friends had gotten into. The girl, a teenager, found herself in a complex situation that she tried to resolve. She couldn’t; the problem was beyond her capabilities. Embarrassed, ashamed perhaps, that she couldn’t solve the problem, she didn’t tell anyone–an adult–she was having trouble. By the time her mother found out, the girl’s problems had multiplied and become very serious. I wrote my fantasy to give young kids the idea that even though they were growing up it was still OK to ask for help.

Standard Publishing later included this story in the anthology Silly Stories. It is not, let me repeat, it is not the same Silly Stories that someone wrote a review of for Google Books. Google linked a review of a different book with a similar title to the Silly Stories from Standard Publishing.