I received several copies of the April issue of Pockets last week. It’s because the magazine published one of my stories in the issue. I am so excited!

I like kids’ magazines. I really, really do. I think when a kid has a subscription to a magazine it helps him in so many ways. (Maybe you’ve seen this before in one of my posts. But I don’t think it ever wears out.) The magazine comes addressed to the kid and that makes a child feel important. Because the stories and articles are short, there is a greater chance the child will read them and so practice her reading. Many magazines have well-researched articles on topics that interest children and so a child can learn something new. Kids’ magazines often have puzzles and games; these help a kid think. Some magazines regularly have jokes and that gives a child an opportunity to laugh. A number of kids’ magazines do profiles of kids who are involved in community projects; these profiles encourage a young reader to consider that he too can make a difference in his community. If the magazines are Christian, the stories and articles support a child in his faith in God.

OK, I am going to be forthright. I recommend that you get a subscription to a kid’s magazine for a kid you know; it will be good value for your money.

Take a look. These are some of the magazines I’m talking about: