Two Mighty Rivers: Son of Pocahontas by Mari Hanes and published by Multnomah Books (1996) is the sequel to Pocahontas by the same writer and illustrator. Thomas Pepsicanough Rolfe, son of Pocahontas and John Rolf, grows up in England under the care of his grandparents.  Although proud of his Algonquin heritage, he is very British. Educated at Cambridge, he also rides his own horse and practices falconry. Thomas is eager to join his father in America.  But when Chief Powhatan dies, his successor orders an attack on Jamestown that kills over 300 settlers, including John Rolfe.

Thomas arrives at the land of his birth torn between two cultures, loving them both. Settling on his parents’ estate outside Jamestown, he embraces the ways and language of the Algonquin under the tutelage of his uncle, Parahunt, while his heart is drawn toward Jane, who lives in town. Because of his connections with leading settlers and Algonquin chiefs, Thomas finds himself uniquely positioned to pursue a daring plan to bring about peace.

Mari Hanes combines historical sources with imagination to create an engrossing fictional account of the son of Pocahontas. There is loss and danger, handled carefully by the writer. Thomas must struggle with anger, grief, and the desire for revenge. He must sort out what to accept and reject from each of the cultures that claim him. Thomas’ journey from boy to manhood in 17th century America makes Two Mighty Rivers an adventure worth reading. This book is suited for upper elementary and middle school readers.

Donna Fujimoto is a graduate of Alliance Theological Seminary. She has published both devotionals for adults and short stories for teens. Her children love to read.