Do you know a teen who gets passionate over a good cause or loves thrillers?  This nonfiction book, God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew with John and Elizabeth Sherrill (1967), was written for adults, but it would certainly satisfy older teen readers who long for stories about people who walk the talk.

Andrew’s childhood dreams of adventure become daring deeds of resistance when he tries as a teen to frustrate Holland’s Nazi occupiers during World War II. After the liberation comes, he joins the army, but finds it isn’t the heroic life he expects it to be.  Recovering from a wound, he returns to civilian life and at last finds healing for his soul in Christ.

Andrew enters a period of Bible study, practical leadership experience, and other course work at a school for evangelism. At the end of this time an idea forms in his mind: why not take Christian literature into countries where the gospel is banned?  Andrew attends an international youth festival, his suitcase bulging with booklets explaining his faith. He plans to exchange them with people handing him pamphlets on communism.

This begins a long series of high-risk trips behind the Iron Curtain.  In country after country, Brother Andrew brings Bibles and speaks to underground churches. He resolves never to lie to authorities.  He relies on God to provide for all his financial needs.

Time and time again, the seemingly miraculous occurs. God does amazing things through this devout yet humble man. To quote Andrew: “It’s high Christian adventure if your heart is in the right place. Because wherever you are, Jesus will be, too.”

Donna Fujimoto is a graduate of Alliance Theological Seminary. She has published both devotionals for adults and short stories for teens. Her children love to read.