Dear Book Lovers,

I’ve been turning over in my mind something Beth Moore said on one of her DVDs. (Wow, but that woman does some great teaching!) She talked about how powerful words are, even the words that we humans use. Words influence us. Why? It’s because human beings are made in the image of God and He, the one who has all power, spoke the universe into being. (Understanding that those things go together was jaw-dropping for me.)

She went on to say that harmful words need to be replaced with truthful, positive words. The problem is that the truthful words of men will only do battle with the harmful words. If the harmful words are to be vanquished, it will take the words of our all powerful God. We need to know what God says about us and what He says about life. We need to use those words to refute lies. (I hope I got it right. I hope I didn’t misrepresent what she taught.) She has more to say on the topic of words and their power, including how praying for those who have wounded you, is part of the healing process. I recommend watching her DVD.

But what does this have to do with fiction and reading fiction? When I’ve read Christian fiction and the author properly used Scripture, I’ve always come away from the book uplifted even in those cases where the characters were a bit flat or the metaphors less than stellar. Now I know why.