This is a novel for you girls who are interested in the Laura Ingalls Wilder’s  “Little House” series. Young Pioneers was written by her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, who actually inspired her mother to write stories about her life on the American Prairie.

Young Pioneers is a story of a newly married couple who set out to homestead in the West. The two main characters, Molly and David, are eager to start a family, build a farm and plant an orchard. They move to the West and settle near a village created by the railroad. David works for the railroad. The young couple saves money for the items they will need for their new home such as seed and animals. They find a homestead that has a sod house and a barn on the land and move in as the railroad moves on from the town. They begin to build the life they have dreamed of. A baby is on the way, expected in February. During the spring David plants a wheat crop and everything is going according to plan. The crops are almost ready for picking when suddenly a plague of grasshoppers destroys every crop in its path.

David is forced to find work in another area to pay off their debts.This leaves Molly home alone with a new baby on the prairie with few people around her. Most of the others are leaving, but Molly knows if she leaves this will destroy what David has built for them. Will Molly stay? Will David return by next spring?

Young Pioneers is a great book for girls who like the stories of the West and want to follow the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I think that any young girl who is interested in learning about this type of life and learning about how working hard pays off in the end will enjoy it.

Kristina O’Brien is a mother of twin girls, an avid reader, and credentialed teacher. She has taught both middle school and high school history. She is currently a stay-at-home mom and enjoys raising her two girls.