Dear Book Lovers,

A well-known personality said on TV the other day that even though he had failed in the past, given a “do-over,” he would not, (let me say this again) he would not do anything differently. His past, he said, had brought him to his good present.

It does sound like a lovely philosophy. Warm and kind of cuddly. But is it true?

Does a Bad Past = a Good Present? Not from what I’ve seen. Not when a person leaves God out of the equation. It is only when God intervenes and redeems our past failings and bad choices that the present becomes a silk purse instead of a sow’s ear.

I’m writing about this because I think this belief of Bad Past = Good Present is too attractive not to be embraced by the culture at large. In such a philosophy pride does not have to take a fall. Poor choices and bad actions do not have negative consequences. No one has to repent; no one has to say, “I was wrong.” Even bigger: no one needs a savior. Such an attractive philosophy is likely to show up in teen literature.