Dear Writers or Those Who Would Like to Write, (Forgive me, dear Book Lovers, if you are not writers. But perhaps you know someone who is or would like to be. Maybe you could pass this post to them.)

There’s a great writing seminar coming up February, 18-19 in Castro Valley, Ca. Laura Christianson who is a savvy user of social media will be the keynoter. I know many of the other instructors–Jeanette Hanscome for one. I have sat in on their classes or listened to them on CD. Good stuff! If you apply what they teach to your work, your stories and articles will shine. And if you are just starting out, this is a good seminar to begin to acquire basic skills or get a sense of God’s direction for you. The cost is quite minimal as these seminars go. So why not think about attending? Pray about it. And don’t worry if you are feeling nervous (or terrified) about saying to anyone you are a writer, the feeling’s normal. I wish it weren’t, but it is. (If it is not in the job description, it should be.) Anyway, be brave. Don’t be selfish. Know that we Christians need you. We need you to write and share your wonderful ideas and work with us. BTW, teens are very welcome. Those teens that have attended in the past have enjoyed it.