Dear Book Lovers,

The time between Christmas and New Year’s is one of my favorites. It is a time that glows. I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out why. I don’t think it has anything to do with Christmas lights, though they are pretty and I enjoy seeing them. And as much as I like being with friends and family, I am with them at other times of the year and don’t feel this way. I’m wondering if maybe it’s that the message of Christmas finally reaches me. Some small understanding begins bubbling up from within me that Christmas has truly come. God has gifted us with Himself and so all can be new and good in our lives. He has come and He is with us.

This understanding makes me brave. It puts me in the mood for small adventures. I like to clean out, taking usable, but unused by me items to thrift stores and I like to get out. I take day trips–the beach, the woods, the museums in the City–or just catch up with family and friends. At night I like to walk on my block and look up at the bright stars and feel the cold air against my cheeks. Last year my niece and I made Christmas candy for the first time, but we made it after Christmas. It was a terrific idea. The candy was delicious and the neighbors seemed to appreciate our offerings just as much as if they had been offered before Christmas. We all had fun. Yes, I like this time of the year.

I hope you and your family are enjoying this time. May God bless your new year.