Kilmeny of the Orchard is a romance written by the author of the award-winning Anne of Green Gables series L. M. Montgomery. It is a slim stand-alone volume, just over 130 pages in length.

New college graduate Eric Marshall agrees to substitute teach in a country school for a friend who has become ill and must leave his post. There Eric happens upon a lovely young woman, Kilmeny, while hiking through an orchard. Terrified of strangers, she flees from him. Later he learns she has a tragic past and is unable to speak. He becomes fascinated with her case, first as a teacher who wishes for her well being, and later as a man in love. The question looms: is there any hope that he can win the reclusive girl’s heart?

Elegant prose presents delightful settings and appealing people to the young reader. It is a light romance, gently written. Eric seeks an honorable alliance. Kilmeny, long protected from the world, must rise above many challenges if she is to embrace womanhood and find true love.

This novel leaves the reader with a sweet afterglow. It is a nice read for young people, ages 11- to 14- year-olds.

Donna Fujimoto is a graduate of Alliance Theological Seminary. She has published both devotionals for adults and short stories for teens. Her children love to read.