Dear Book Lovers,

Books can be expensive. No getting around that. And the kids go through them so fast. Yes, keeping one’s kids in good reads is a tough assignment. Several years ago one mom told me she seldom bought books for her kids. She said she took her kids to the library. I nodded at the time. It seemed sensible and besides I loved the idea of all those books on shelves just waiting for a kid to choose one, open it and begin an adventure.

But I was at my local library last week, checking out the children’s section. The popular stuff was there. Ghosts, vampires and witches abound. But it seemed like (in the near future I will spend some time with the catalog) that the shelves had been severely pruned of older, and less PC, books. What about your library? Also does your library have many books for kids with a Christian bent? I would be interested to hear. I know that in the adult sections of many public libraries there are books with overt Christian messages, but what about in the kid’s section? I did a rough online catalog search of my library and found the choices for Christian children’s books few.

It occurs to me that an option for getting uplifting, worthwhile books into the hands of kids is to start a church library. We did that at my church a few years back. Individuals and families donated gently used Christian books that they had already read. The library has been well used. If your church has a library, but it leans heavily to theology, why not ask if they will expand the library to include a children’s and teen Christian fiction section?