Dear Book Lovers,

There’s a picture book I have to tell you about. Lucille Nadine Alexander’s Birthday by Teirrah McNair is a gem.

Seven-year-old Lucille is having a birthday. And while she pulls no punches about how excited she is about it being her day, she also wants you to know that it is someone else’s birthday. It’s Jesus’s birthday.

(Yes, this is a Christmas book and yes, I know it is July. But it is July and I suspect some of you are already buying gifts and making plans. I thought I would put this book out there before things get to be rushed.)

Lucille wonders aloud whether we shouldn’t give Jesus something for Christmas. With a child’s directness she tells us what he wants—us. She gives specific kid-relatable examples showing how he has helped her since she asked him to come into her heart. Then using figures from a nativity, she tells the Christmas story.

Lucille’s telling captures the wonder and excitement of a God-event and having her talk first about how Jesus helps us live our lives now, helps the child-listener see “why” we celebrate this holiday and “why” we tell this story.

The black-and-white cartoon-like illustrations are energetic and humorous.

The book is available through