Dear Book Lovers,

“Ripeness is all,” Shakespeare says in King Lear. In the play Lear gives up his throne and power before it is time. The effects are disastrous.

I think the publishing industry has forgotten the wisdom of that play when it comes to children and teens. The media  doesn’t seem to get it that if they give children and teens a lot of information on adult topics, this before-its-time information can have a bad effect on the kids.

I don’t know why the industry doesn’t get it. The industry also publishes books for adults that deplore children being in situations where they have firsthand knowledge of sex, graphic violence, etc. Such books say or imply that the children are being mistreated or even abused. The authors are sad or morally outraged that children are not protected from such assaults on their psyches. Why isn’t the industry equally concerned about the psyches of their young readers?