Dear Book Lovers,

My guest reviewer, Jeanette Hanscome, is happy to suggest a fun book for teens from NavPress.

Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson–At fifteen, Scotty Dawn travels the country with her mom, Charley. While Charley works as a food designer on movie sets, Scotty is free to do as she pleases, turning each new interest into a homeschooling unit, bucking Mom’s vegetarian diet by eating cheese, and keeping in touch with the world through her anonymous blog Hollywood Nobody. Such freedom and access to Hollywood stars (which comes in handy for her blog) might seem attractive, but for Scotty this is only part of the story. She struggles with her identity, her inability to trust, and constantly being on the move. She and Mom seem to be running from a mysterious man. And why does Mom act like she’s hiding something?

Hollywood Nobody is the first in a series about Scotty Dawn, by award-winning author Lisa Samson. Written in journal style from Scotty’s point-of-view, the story is both hilarious and poignant. Scotty is not a Christian (yet) but is obviously searching. Her ability to educate and entertain herself while her mother works to support them reveals a resourcefulness and creativity that is definitely attractive. She is mature beyond her years while remaining a true-to-life teen who wants to feel loved and secure. While some might complain that Scotty is basically homeschooling herself and has far too much freedom, Charley clearly loves Scotty and is doing her best under difficult circumstances.

Hollywood Nobody is a fun, clean book that I have recommended to many. Instead of writing a novel with a tacked-on issue or theme, Samson just offers a great story starring a lovable, quirky character with a unique life and a heart that is opening up to God.

Jeanette Hanscome is the author of three books and over 300 articles and stories. In addition to writing, she offers freelancing editing and critiquing to beginning writers, and teaches workshops on the craft. Jeanette lives with her husband and two sons in Reno, Nevada, where she sings with her church choir and worship team, and is known for having a book recommendation for every occasion.