Dear Book Lovers,

I love reading books, but I also love reading magazines. I love the variety–the pictures, the articles and the short stories. I do the puzzles when a magazine has them.

I think magazines appeal to children too. (Actually, I know kids like them. I’ve bought subscriptions to various kids’ magazines for my daughter, my nieces and my nephews.) Kids like it that the stories and articles in the magazines are short and yet rich in ideas. A kid can spend a smallish amount of time reading a piece, enjoy it, learn something new and gain the added satisfaction of having read something to the end.

Today I am recommending some terrific Christian magazines for kids. Maybe you know of them. However, on the chance that you don’t…. (I’ve been teaching writing for children to adults for a number of years and many of my conferees tell me they are not familiar with these magazines.)

Focus on the Family currently puts out two magazines for kids. Clubhouse Jr. is targeted for children 4 to 8 years of age and Clubhouse is written for 8- to 12-year-olds. The Upper Room produces Pockets for kids 6 to 12. I am less familiar with Sparkle (for girls ages 6 to 9) and Shine Brightly (for girls 9 to 14) , but I like what I have seen.

All of these magazines are written with kids in mind. The magazines present topics that kids are interested in. When the stories or articles wrestle with a life difficulty, the subject matter is handled in way that kids can relate and is appropriate to a child. Oh, and did I forget to mention that the stuff in the mags is fun?

The websites below will give you more info on the mags.

Clubhouse Jr.




Shine Brightly