Dear Book Lovers,

I majored in English. I trained as a teacher. I know that good reading skills are valuable. Children in my classes who did not read well often struggled in another subjects. They often had self-esteem problems and difficulties socializing with other kids. So I somewhat get it when some parents say about popular but questionable books, “At least the children are reading.”

But nobody would say, “At least they are eating,” in response to kids swallowing humongous doses of sugars and fats in the form of junk foods. People wouldn’t say that. Everyone knows that if children are to be healthy, they must eat food that nourishes their bodies. Well, what kids read is food for their minds and their souls. They cannot consistently read materials that contradict God and His word and not become sick—soul sick.

Bravo to you parents, grandparents, friends, teachers and librarians who make the time to learn about kids’ books and encourage the kids in your life to “eat” the good ones.