Dear Book Lovers,

I sometimes read series fiction. Do you? If you do, what keeps you reading book after book? I’ve been mulling over why I do.

In a continuing story, it is probably to learn what happens next and how it all ends. (A few years ago I was on vacation, reading a book that was part of a series, and I came to the last page of the novel. The character’s situation was not in the least resolved. The author had left her–and me– “dangling.” I was on vacation! There was no bookstore in sight! I almost threw the book at the wall.)

In a series that has the same characters but new stories, it’s the characters that keep me coming back for the next book. There’s something in the main character that intrigues me or something I admire. This may be true for kids. It may be one of the reasons they want to stay with a series.

Another less obvious reason that a child may cling to a series is that he/ she CAN read it. After a child has accomplished what may seem to the child the awesome feat of completing one novel in the series, he now knows he can read the others in the series.

If you find your child is enjoying a series that concerns you, it might be useful to ask your child what he/she likes about the books. Then you can begin to look for and suggest books that offer similar elements but don’t have the questionable ones.