Dear Book Lovers,

Dr. Paul White was a missionary to Tanganyika from 1938 to 1941. When he returned to his home in Australia, he began a series of popular radio broadcasts. The Jungle Doctor books are based in part on those broadcasts.

In this series White breaks the “rule” that says that a book for a child must have a child protagonist, but I think tweens will nevertheless find his books intriguing. The exotic setting of Africa and the adventures of a missionary doctor and his hospital staff are well drawn. White gives enough detail about hospital work and the struggle to save lives to make the stories dramatic, interesting, and even sometimes humorous. He does however refrain from gore.

White does not sugar coat the Christian walk. His characters take small steps, have setbacks, have doubts, make mistakes, ask good questions, take more small steps, have victories…. In short his Christian characters are not those “who have arrived,” rather they are Christians who are learning what faith is and how it plays out in people’s lives.

In Jungle Doctor Meets a Lion the doctor and the hospital staff save the life of a hunter who was attacked by a lion. While recovering at the hospital, the young man becomes interested in God. The book tells the story of his growing faith. It is shown in part as he seeks to marry the young Christian teacher who gave blood to save his life. There are many obstacles to their marriage. The lion hunter and the young teacher must learn to trust God and believe that He has a good plan for their lives.

Jungle Doctor Meets a Lion is one of a series of 20 books. The books are available in the States through