Dear Book Lovers,

Those stories I read when I was a child,  as it turned out, weren’t just entertainment. The stories I read helped to shape me. I didn’t realize how much until one day when I was having a “discussion” with myself.

I was bringing food to a school event and part of me thought that it was unnecessary and that I was overdoing.

“No,” I said to my dissenter. “I made a promise and I try to keep my promises.” I then tried silencing my dissenter with the words that for me have been a life rule. Suddenly I stopped talking. (And walking too.) The saying, it seemed to me, went on. It had more words to it. What were those words? And where did they come from?

The “what” and the “where” came to me in a picture—an elephant. It was Horton from Horton Hatches the Egg. I was jaw-dropping astounded. I had not seen that picture book for a long time, but evidently its value of faithfulness to one’s promises had made an impression on me, a very lasting impression.

Do you remember such a book from your childhood?